Electric Sorcery (2009)

by Electric Sorcery

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released February 21, 2009

Derek Campbell - vocals, guitar, harmonica, fife, theremin
Micah Carbonneau - drums, percussion
Nathanael Reynolds - bass

Produced & Engineered By
Derek Campbell with Electric Sorcery
At Lyndonunderground Studio
Mastered By Bennett Shapiro at Madtech Sound
Cover art by Erin Inglis



all rights reserved


Electric Sorcery Lyndonville

From Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom comes the progressive psychedelic sound that is Electric Sorcery.This electrifying group brings together some of the best known original musicians in the NEK, Derek Campbell, Micah Carbonneau, Chris Doncaster and Luke Laplant. ... more

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Track Name: Mother Sea
Mother Sea
By Derek Campbell

See me rise up like a phoenix
from the ashes of the game
see me burn into the sunrise
with no memory of the name
that had chained me like a virgin
to the alter of the beast
waiting for the flesh to break
before my soul can be released

father sky mother sea into the blue as you enrapture me
sister moon brother beast I will raise a toast to you before I feast

you could never see it coming
you cannot escape the grasp
you best pray that on that day
I don’t get medieval on your ass
it may make you want to run and hide
but that won’t do no good
just relax and let it happen oh
I really think you should


No no no no
cause I know that it’s free…

You will hear it in the water
and the wind that blows the trees
you will smell it in the flowers
it will sting you like a bee
through one hundred million life times
with a billion more to go
infinity embraces me
and I’m falling like the snow…

Track Name: Wisher
By Derek Campbell

Pretty silicone sister in the city of lust
You wear your ambition right on your bust
What did the voices tell you when they gained your trust?
And taught you how to do the thing you think that you must


Fancy well dressed brother in the city of greed
Did you sell your soul to get what you think you need?
To insure your fortunes now how many must bleed
Do you take the time to understand the lives on which you feed?


Angry power hungry fathers in the city of war
You make your billions on the blood of the poor
And now it seems you’re thirsty for a taste of some more
And soon another nation hears your engines roar


Gentle nurturing mothers in the garden of life
Did our fathers’ egos make you an unhappy wife?
Do you feel the pain as they stab you with their knife?
Is it to late to find a cure for this strife?
Track Name: Law & Order
Law & Order
By Derek Campbell

You think I’m goofy like I’m some kind of fool.
Well maybe that’s true but I’m goofin’ on you.
What do you think this is what I do for a living?
f… na, I’m really a turkey on thanksgiving
waitin’ to be carved up and served
Now go on take a slice if you’ve got the nerve
But I’m a dirty bird with a surprise inside
And you can chew on that but I suggest that you hide out for a while
Lay low on the D.L.
So low you can go to the ninth level of hell
Where Beelzebub chews on the souls of the damned
On a bed of linguini with a sauce made of clams
And some creamy white sh.. that he squeezed from a zit
On the ass of Kali the four armed mistress of death
I’m not the kind to hide behind a pen and a page
I got the balls to bring my sh.. up onto the stage
And lay it bare for the world and everybody to see
And I don’t really give give a sh.. what you think about me
But if you like it let me know cause it makes me feel nice
And if you don’t, before you open up your mouth I’d think twice
Casue I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my sh..
And if go flappin’ your gums brother you might get hit
Now that ain’t right and I ain’t proud
You gotta ask yourself, “is my opinion worth a bloody nose?”
Cause I take artistic liscence when it comes from the heart
And I don’t care if you don’t think that what I’m brinin’ is art
But f--- that, that’s the past and now we’ve come to the part
Where I start to complain about my brother in jail
Cause some mother f---er left him hangin’ out on a rail
And framed his ass for smoking some grass
Well alright it was a little bit heavier than that
He was caught with some smack and a head full of crack
And though that ain’t nothin new with aristocrats
You see he’s broke and they got this little joke that they play on ya
When the system wants to prey on ya and play on your deepest fears
You get fifteen years if you don’t rat out your friends
The sh.. never ends, the wire just bends
Until they get some violent rapist prick to rat you out
Then they lock you in and let him out
To rob kids and rape little teenage girls
I guess that’s how it goes in this f----ed up world
Where the wages of sin is a life without worry
Of incarceration but they’re so in a hurry
To lock up people with a family, home and a life
Cause they wanna do a line or hit a pipe
Meanwhile the violent rapist a--hole Gets to go free
Cause he’s a rat, no he’s a pigeon, no he’s more like a flea

And they call it law and order

So everybody jump up, bump up, pump up,
Hump up on something that looks comfy and nice
Like my friend vanilla rice, he gave me advice
He said never second yourself and don’t think twice
Don’t give a sh.. about what anybody thinks
Cause opinions are like a--holes and most of em’ stink
Just remember you’re a golden shining being of light
And the revolution coming, so get ready to fight
But not with your fists or weapons of any kind
But with the ancient mystic powers hidden deep in your mind
That you possessed at one time when you were about four or five
And you remembered why it was that we are even alive
Before they snatched it away and they taught you to pray
And they taught you how to walk and talk a certain way
It is time for the full cosmic awakening
That our puppies think they’re muffins in the oven that they’re baking in
Shaking inside cause they’re feelin’ the power
That like the turkey’s getting juicier with every hour that it’s cookin’
I’m lookin’ for answers and dancers
To dance away the cancers that are eatin’ us up and beatin’ us up this meetin’ is up
With the CEO who thinks he short of meat in his cup
He’s beatin’ his pup, he’s creepin’ right up on grandma’s farm
What’s the harm, he’s got charm but what’s that stuck in his arm
It’s a needle, and it’s full of oil
And he knows that something sweet will come along and boil
Just below the surface until its purpose
Can be rendered and surrendered to the powers of the hour
whose towers are fallin’ did I hear somebody ballin’?
Mother nature is calling!!!
Track Name: Life Goes On
Life Goes On
By Derek Campbell

So many times so many lines unsaid
so many places faces fade into my fantasy
so many reasons different seasons bring the memories of colors
dimmed in moonlight shadows neath the mountains majesty
at different times different mind laid foundations
upon which I’ve laid the structure of my concept of reality
to be eroded by the winds of time
untill all that’s left of me is nothing but the memory of my vanity

Life goes on like a roller coaster life goes on like a speeding train
life goes on and I’m getting older in spite of the pain

same thing at the same time every day
but something told me that was not the way it had to be
stayin down in the town being pushed around
by a clown to make a living working in a factory
with no color in my eyes as the spectrum
that was once a vivid vibrant pallet fades to different shades of grey
like a cocoon wrapped around my conscious mind
until my spirits metamorphosis escapes into the light of day


There’s no time to be wasted focused on the question
of what waits to greet me just beyond the gate if ecstasy
when I’ve arrived there will be no secrets I can’t taste
and answers to the questions I don’t know will be revealed to me
just like the vapor of the cloud to the rain to the river
flowing to the ocean where the void embraces me
to be relieved of the ego that encapsulates the purity of being
that exists until I cease to be